Customisation Options

WebFunds can be customised to a limited degree.

Default Contracts on Startup

Contracts placed in the directory defaults/contracts will be added automatically to the contract browser when WebFunds starts up for the first time only.

Without this option, the user has to manually add the contracts to the contract browser. For this reason, WebFunds is normally distributed with some test and play contracts in the defaults directory. More commercial distributions are encouraged to change these.

Additional Contracts

Additional contracts can be supplied with each distribution. The best place to put them is in the top directory, as that is where the Contract Browser starts up its File Explorer dialog.

Trader Contracts

The Systemics Trader plugin has a feature similar to the default contracts described above. When an account is created, within the Trader Value Manager, a list of contracts is read from the market.loc contract file. This latter is located within the plugin directory (like plugins/Trader/Trader-1.0.5 but details differ).

This file can specify the default "money" contract, and any traded contracts that are traded against that money. For example,


      # set the money here
      money += Glitter
      # set the subaccounts here, as many as you need
      Glitter += pints of beer

For each money (Glitter in the above example) there would be a new section, named after that money, that would list the currently active books (pints of beer).

So, when the account is first created, Trader will automatically add Glitter as the first (money) Contract, and pints of beer as a Contract traded against the Glitter money. (More traded contracts will be added to the above list as more test contracts are written and used by WebFunds supporters.)

Note however, that the contracts added automatically by Trader have to be already present in the Contracts Browser. If not, default processing stops at that point. So, effectively, a distribution of both products together has to integrate this default feature with the above Startup Contracts feature.

Note also that Systemics Trader is a 3rd party product, and might change arbitrarily. I.e., the doco is only here because they haven't done it in a better place, but don't rely on this document for accuracy.


It is possible to change the name of WebFunds, but it is not really coded in nor well tested. The names are currently hard-coded in various places. Especially, the names of the Value Managers cannot be changed arbitrarily as they are used to determine the directories where data is stored.

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