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WebFunds.org, the good people who write WebFunds, help artists to express themselves in monetary terms. Anyone can be an artist of value by writing a contract and having it issued. Systemics Inc runs an Issuance Server for these issues called croesus.

Live Art in Contracts:

Name Contract Server Balance Sheet Site
Pizza asc Issuer
Beer asc Issuer
Shillings asc Issuer
Dollars asc Issuer

The ricardian contracts that are issued as art or test contracts generally have no reserves of monetary or strong value.

Historical and/or Unserved Contracts

Rachel Willmer has issued BeerVouchers as the final word in loyalty currencies. You can redeem these in fine Scottish beers on presentation to the Issuer. Certain restrictions probably exist, such as being in the right pub on the right evening, and also only redeeming as many beers as can be drunk by one person.

SB has issued PressedFlowers. These represent a deliverable commodity, being units of flora purchasable according to terms specified within. Costs may pertain to actual delivery, and certain restrictions apply to mollify the local environmentalists and capital equipment owners such as her daughter. See also the extensions by the Viennese Artists' community.

Glitter, a sort of pretend gold unit. Glitter is a valueless currency that is denominated in tens of sparkles. Sparkles are pretty but worthless, as is any group of ten sparkles. This contract is being retired as it was on a server with other commercial contracts that caused conflicts of service levels.

Sava-Cheks are vouchers redeemable at participating Grocery Stores. These are handed out by the store on purchases, and can be redeemed for staples such as bread and veggies. The interesting thing about Sava-Cheks is that part of the text includes several UTF-8 characters designed to show the workings of a Spanish (castellano) language contract. Note: Sava-Cheks are issued on the marcopolo issuance server that is generally inaccessible to the Internet.

Name Contract Server Balance Sheet Site
BeerVouchers asc html txt .loc (inaccessible) Issuer
Sava-Cheks asc html txt (none) (inaccessible) (none)
Glitter asc html txt .loc (inaccessible) (none)

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