WebFunds SSD Repository

By convention, a SOX Server identifies itself by a SOX Server Descriptor (or SSD), a file which lives somewhere on the net.

The following SSDs are have been named:

The SSD format permits multiple files and paths wherever possible. These copies are just more duplicates, here for ease of access by WebFunds. Thus, they do not belong to WebFunds - they are distributed as part of the management of a SOX Server, and are owned by the Operator.

A SOX Server is one that follows the SOX protocol. There are three servers currently fielded that use an extension of the basic protocol, being the

  1. Ricardo Issuance Server - RTGS settlement of payments
  2. Exchange Server - RTGS trading of advanced financial instruments
  3. Rafi's Message Server - experimental chat-over-SOX server

In principle there are more possible, as SOX is an extensible protocol.